Аксессуары для оборудования

Fastbind Hardcover toolkits™ 

BooXTer Stripe Books
  • Speed up your work
  • Easy placement for correct offset
  • Nipping tools for hard and soft covers

The hardcover toolkits consist of a hardcover nipping bar and a special paper guide. They make it possible for you to bind hard cover books with your Fastbind binding machine. Two different models are available for A4+ size (Secura, Elite) or SRA3 size (Elite XT) Fastbind binders.


Fastbind Cover trimmers™

BooXTer Binding
  • Quick trimming for soft covers
  • Designed to allow one soft cover size for all book thicknesses

The optional cover trimmers, designed for A4+ size binders (not including Elite XT), are very easy to use and eliminate the need to measure and set-up a cumbersome guillotine trimmer. Two different models are available, as options.